Suiseki Stones~ Beautiful Viewing Stones from all over
Viewing stones and bonsai
go together beautifully in a Tokonama display using stones or bonsai as the main interest. Stones are an excellent accent to a tree in a formal display and likewise bonsai make an excellent accent to a stone display. Many bonsai and Suiseki artists enjoy both stones and bonsai, because they are both miniature art forms.
I enjoy hearing from other collectors with pictures of your favorite stones. If you desire to have in your collection a certain stone image, a Suiseki or viewing stone, email me a description of that stone, I may already have that stone in my collection. If not, then while I am out in the wild watersheds stone collecting I can be looking for that treasure for you. I enjoy finding stones for other enthusiasts of stone appreciation. Thanks for sharing with me.

I also have Chinese and Japanese antiques for sale. I am an antique collector and picker of Japanese and Chinese objects of art. I have Jade and stone carvings, cloisonné, pictures, chargers, figures, dragon ware, vases, bronze pieces and more. Many pieces are FOR SALE. 
Call or e-mail me if you are interested in any of these pieces. I often travel the western states picking these antiques when I am on my stone trips.

What is Suiseki?
What is Suiseki? Suiseki (sui = water and seki= stone) is the Japanese name for miniature, naturally formed stones that have the power and beauty to suggest a scene from nature or object closely associated with nature. They are also known as ‘Viewing Stones’ and ‘Scholar Stones.'

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Vulcan Jade- very rare